Weston Minor Hockey League Registration

Weston Minor Hockey League is our community youth recreational hockey league. It offers houseleague and select hockey to children from age 4 to 17, every year from September until the end of March at historic Weston Arena.  The volunteer-run, non-profit organization, provides a ‘learn to skate and play hockey’ program for tykes aged 4 to 6, and organized games and practices for older children, all at reasonable cost.  Come on out, keep fit, and enjoy Canada’s favourite game!

The early registration for Weston Minor Hockey League registration is fast approaching.   To register your child, click on the appropriate link below.  For further information, check out www.wmhl.on.ca.

Tyke Division Reg Form

2010-11 Reg Form

5 thoughts on “Weston Minor Hockey League Registration

  1. Michele Iaccino

    I was wondering if you could let me know when your next Tyke Division starts? I would like to register my son for the next season.

  2. welcome Post author


    There is only one season for hockey – it started Sept 25th, I think- but I know they are short on kids and they might let you register now. My son is in tykes, they have a great coach. Not sure if they would give you a break on the price for starting late, but the regular price is $225. You can contact [email protected] for more info.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Carol

    New season starts September 15th, 2012, players needed for all divisions. Registration form can be found at the link above in the original post.

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