Water Meter Scam

A Water Meter Program staff working for Neptune, the company under contract to the City of Toronto to install the remote water meters, was advised by Toronto Police to be aware of the following happening in the Ward 11 area:

  • East Indian male approximately 25-35 years
  • Driving a black Honda Accord or Civic
  • Car looks like it has snow tires
  • He has asked people to gain entry to their homes to check plumbing or ensure the water meter has been installed correctly
  • His real purpose is to steal whatever items he can carry with him
  • It appears that he mostly targets elderly people

If you do not have an appointment for a water meter installation and someone fitting the above description comes to the door requesting entry, do not let him in and call the police.

Water Meter Program staff have clear project identifiers and usually install meters where an appointment has previously been booked between the homeowner and the installer.

Please share this information with your neighbours, friends and family.

(from information provided to Councillor Frances Nunziata by Toronto Water related to the remote water meter program currently being rolled out in Ward 11.)


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