Invasive Dog-Strangling Vine.

A member of our Association has brought to our attention the presence of an invasive species in our community: it is known as Dog-Strangling Vine.
It has been spotted in a few gardens in the area, particularly in the King/Queens/John blocks.  This is an extremely invasive species, and care must me taking in removing it.  Ideally, it should be carefully dug up, but both the leaves and the roots can cause skin irritation and blistering similar to poison ivy.  It is recommended that you wear long sleeves and gloves when handling, and that it be disposed of in plastic bags.It is relatively easy to eradicate if caught in the early stage of establishment, but it becomes a major problem once it’s established.  Unfortunately, it has a strong foothold along the Humber, but now seems to be spreading to local gardens and boulevards.

This flyer has some good photographs to help you identify the plant.

One thought on “Invasive Dog-Strangling Vine.

  1. Roy Murray

    There’s no danger of skin irritation from this plant.

    As for disposal, it can be placed in kraft paper bags for compost collection along with other weeds but be sure to close the bags so that seeds cannot escape.

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