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  1. Bob Davies

    Looking for Nancy Newton Pat Jefferies or any one you the there at Weston High in 196-1974

    I worked at the Weston Area swimming Pool, The Arena, Ken Colemens Inch;s Drug Store, But most of all hung around the Central and Stans Poolhall.

    Bob Davies


    we lived on brownlea ave and your family lived on raymore drive. my brother steven hung out with your brother jim. rember paul payne and his brothers.

  3. Steve Turton

    For students who attended Weston between the mid 1950’s and the mid 1960’s, we are having a mini reunion at the Army/Navy Club in Weston, during the afternoon of May 5, 2012…..1pm to 6pm. No charge/no tickets required. Just drop in.
    For more information: Steve Turton….email: [email protected]

  4. Marsha Peak

    I’m a new resident to Weston and I fell in love with the area almost immediately. I am especially delighted to know that the Weston community takes so much pride in caring for the community. I will definitely be spending some time volunteering and positively contributing to our community:-)

  5. John Varley

    Looking for Alison Hunter and any of her girlfriends. Please contact me if you remember my red 1952 convertable.

  6. linda

    Looking for Lynn Buchan who used to live on Lippincott and worked at West Park Hospital around 1981 – onwards

  7. June McPhee Gooch

    I am wondering if anyone has pictures of Weston’s 100th birthday celebrations? My mother Elizabeth (Betty) McPhee was asked to ride on a float (as she was over 90 at the time) to celebrate the occasion. Would love to see any pictures.

    Thank you,
    June McPhee Gooch

  8. Isobel Blair (McEwan)

    I am looking for an old friend Margaret Cassidy (Kelly). Margaret and I went to Uddingston Grammer school back in the 60s she left to emigrate to Canada in the 1967, we kept in touch for a few years I lived in New Zealand for a few years and returned to the UK and then lost touch. I know Margaret marred Joe Cassidy in the 70s . I hope someone can help me find her. Margaret emigrated to Weston Ontario

  9. Allan Wands

    I lived at 90 Russell Road with the Bolton family in the early 1940s. I think there was a connection with Dorothy & Ernie Foster as well. Best friend was Philip Clare, known as Butch, who lived further down Russell Road. Would like to make contact with anyone who knows of these families.

  10. Cathy

    Anyone out there that attended the RNA program at Weston Collegiate ’69 – ’71? We had such great times in that house beside the school. Cafeteria in housecoats! I will never forget those great girls and the laughs we shared in class and at placements. Thanks Mrs. Lemke and Mrs. Easterbrook

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