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What’s One Thing You Would Change About Weston if You Could?

If you could change one thing about Weston, what would it be?  Change is often seen by many as complicated, scary, different, but change can bring about so many wonderful emotions and actions as well!  Please go to the discussion page and leave your comment on what you would like to see change right here in Weston.  Who knows, your idea may just happen!

Tell the World Why You LOVE Weston Village!

We all have our own reasons for loving the community of Weston, so why not share those thoughts with everyone!  Please leave your thoughts on what makes Weston Village such a great place to live and raise families!

15 thoughts on “Have Your Say

  1. Charlene

    My husband and I fell in love with Weston because of the historical beauty and personal pride home owners in the area. We love the parks, schools, and tree-lined streets. The friends and families we have met in Weston have all been so very welcoming and supportive of each other.

  2. Brigitte Sachse

    When looking for houses about 4 years ago what we first noticed about Weston were the beautiful old trees that lined Queen’s drive and King Street (also that the streets were flat, and therefore “hockey worthy”). We’ve come to love the neighbours, great elementary school and community involvement. (come see Queen’s drive at Hallowe’en!). It’s also great that such a residential area is so close to the 401/400 and GO Train/public transit. Weston is a hidden gem!

  3. debbie creelman

    I am looking for school records for my father who went to school in Weston. He was born March 26, 1928, and his name was Wallace B. Hopkins.

  4. welcome Post author

    Debbie, do you know which school he attended as a child/teenager? There is Weston Memorial Public School, Pelmo Park Elementary School, CR Marchant Middle School, St. John Evangelist Catholic School, and Weston Collegiate and Vocational Institute. You could try contact these schools to see where he attended.

  5. Brian

    Farmers’ Market, Weston Memorial’s June Fair, Weston Village Childcare, Queen’s Drive Garage Sale, Ali Baba’s Falafel Sandwiches, Halloween, Humber River Trail, friendly neighbours, close to the 400/401, easy access to downtown, Weston it’s the best !

  6. Diana Stapleton

    As the Chair of the Weston Food Bank located at 1844 Weston Road I thought this might be a good place to look for volunteers. We need people for Tuesday and Wednesday mornings – from about 8:30AM to 11:30AM. We need help with stocking shelves and handing out food. You can volunteer once per month or weekly. We also need people who can be on call for occasional volunteering. If you have any interest in helping your community by volunteering at the food bank, call 416-247-3737 and leave a message. We’ll get back to you within a week.

  7. Maria

    Weston is great. The sense of community is a defining trait. The houses, gardens, and parks are beautiful. It is far enough from the city to be a tranquil environment yet close because it is connected by transit and highways. The only thing I would change would be to add a couple of shops or restaurants to encourage more local shopping.

  8. Annette Freeman

    Hello, Just wondering if you are still in need of a volunteer. I am avaliable to work mornings.

    thx, Annette

  9. John Red

    Weston is a plus. The actual good sense of area can be a determining quality. The actual properties, back yards, and also theme parks tend to be stunning. It’s far adequate in the area to be a quiet setting nevertheless shut given it is related by simply transit and also roads. One and only thing I’d personally alter is usually to increase some shops or even dining places to be able to encourage far more local purchasing.

  10. Sherry Giddings

    My family moved to Weston just over 2 years ago. It is an area we were completely unfamiliar with. We were taken with the beauty of the residential streets, parkettes, Humber river, beauiful trees,homes and history. It saddens us to see the neglect and disrespect that some people in the community exhibit. We wish that people would show more pride in their storefronts, apartment building better maintained and together work toward reducing the crime in the area. We feel considerably less safe and hope that Weston can once again become a community that all can feel proud of.

  11. Lynne Reeves Laframboise

    We came to Canada from Northern Ireland in 1953 and moved to Weston the next year, where we stayed until 1960. I attended Weston Memorial School 1955 – 1959, then Weston Junior High. I am wondering if any of my classmates still live there? We lived on John St. and my friends were the Haires, Littles, Bulls and Tidburys. Our house was rented from a Mrs. Rose, and all our neighbours – the Coulthards, the Garretts, Mrs. Thompson, the Lepages, etc., were members of Weston society of the day. I would so love to hear from someone who remembers the old days. I am now retired after 25 years with Toronto Police, previously a library worker, teacher, etc.

  12. Lynne Reeves Laframboise

    I was in Mr. Pulford’s class at Memorial School with a Roy Hopkins, if that is any good to Ms. Creelman. He lived a few streets north of Memorial – likely your brother? If so, your Dad may have also attended there. I saw the Hopkins name mentioned in some old Weston historical data from the 1800’s or early 1900’s somewhere on one of the Weston historical society’s sites or on this one. Does your family go back in Weston very far? Keep digging, and good luck. And hi to Roy, if he’s your bro – I was a Reeves back then. He dubbed me “Lynne the Pin”, ha ha.

  13. Valerie Weber

    I attended Memorial in Weston. I remember Roy Hopkins. The family lived on Church St. I also saw Roy and.his older brother at a couple of our highschool reunions at Weston Collegiate. Does anyone know what happened to Mr. Pulford and Mr. Parkhill at Senior Publc in Weston, now called C.R. Marchant ? Thank You.
    Valerie Lough pronounced Low

  14. Doug Wilson

    Hi all, my grandfather, Robert Freer Wilson was a Forman on the Trethuey farm in the late 1800s and became a police officer in Weston in the early 1900s. He became a Toronto police officer and passed away in the 30s. My father, George Walker Wilson, played on Weston hockey and lacrosse teams. I’d like to know more about my grandfather.

  15. welcome Post author

    Hi Doug,
    I think your question might be better posed to the Weston Historical Society who may have information on your grandfather. Also, if you visit their website at http://www.heritageweston.com, you can go to the searchable newspapers feature that was completed. It allows you to put a term in the search like his name and you may find a bunch of articles or references to him. And you can always contact them through the website as well. And if you are on Facebook, there is a Weston Historical Society page monitored by a couple of people including one of our archivists who might have come across pictures that will include him.
    Best of luck!!

    Communications Director

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