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  1. Pat Susin

    My daughter is doing a school project and she needs to find out the population of Town of Weston. We were unable to located it on the website. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


    Pat Susin

  2. John Travis

    Great Web site! I was born in Weston in 1950. There used to be a little hospital on the South-East corner of John St and Rosemount Ave. and that is where it all began for me. If you walk beside the house on John Street and look up you will see carved in stone the name of the hospital. I will leave the name a mystery so some of you will look. I left the Weston Area in the mid 70’s and have always missed this town as I got older. Thanks for the memories that your web site has given me.

    John Travis
    Coe Hill, Ontario

  3. Yusdel Amaro

    Hello, my name is Yusdel Amaro i work at Scadding court community centre, the reason for this email is because i am in the process of looking for vendors or farmers that have products to sell year round. We have created a marketplace and need vendors ASAP. Please if you can forward this information to your contacts or someone that might be interested, i really appreciate it. My office phone is 416 392.0335

  4. Nicole Presutti

    I would like to add The Career Foundation to your Weston Directory List – we are a non-profit Employment Services operating at 2100 Lawrence Avenue West, Suite 100 Please contact Nicole at 416.243.0066 so that I can update you.

    Kind Regards,


  5. Marie

    Love the new look of the site!! Please say hello to Kimeiko,Regina, Cory and Gary. Happy New Year 2011!!


  6. Marion O'Sullivan

    Could you please post the following advertisement on your website

    Peter’s World Famous Barber Shop is having a 50th anniversary (date to be disclosed later) at his unique shop which doubles as a barber shop and Hockey Museum. Peter has had many famous hockey players visit his shop and regularly hosts events where people can come and meet the stars of Canada’s favourite sport. His Hockey Wall of Fame is adorned with signatures from such greats as, Dave Keon, Gordie Howe, Scotty Bowman and Ken Dryden, just to mention a few. Stay tuned on this site, the Weston BIA site and Facebook for more information

  7. Maryam

    Could you please add the follwing to your website events:

    Huge Indoor Garage Sale organized by the tenant’s of Central King Seniors Residence. Choose from a variety of tables for great bargains including household items, linens, clothes, electronics, decorations, books and a wide vareirty of collectables. Rain or Shine!
    High quality items with prices MUCH LOWER than the cheapest store!
    Saturday, August 27 9 am – 2 pm
    15 King Street (near Weston and Lawrence intersection- building is connected to the Central United Church)

  8. Diane Osborne

    The Weston Historical Society Annual Christmas Carol and Hymn Sing will be held at Weston Presbyterian Church, 5 Cross Street, Weston on Wednesday, December 7 at 7:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend. (Cross Street is the first street east of the intersection of Weston Road and Church Street running one way north from Church Street. Good parking is available. Drive 3 houses past the church and look for the sign directing you down a lane to the parking lot behind the houses on the north side of the church.)

  9. Lindsey Ellett

    Hi there,

    My great-grandfather lived in Weston, Ontario on Keele Street at Rogers Road during World War Two. Just around the corner on Rogers Rd, there was a factory that was converted to an ammunition factory during the war. Apparently my Great Grandfather just walked around the corner and worked in that factory. Part of his job was to take old used and rusted nails [which were in very short supply], remove the rust and straightened the bent nails to be reused.
    He was born in 1875 and died in either July or August of 1950. His name was Robert Draper. Is there any way to find out what the names of the factories that were converted – I thought maybe we might be able to track down the company name and see if it is still around. Or find old pictures or something like that. He also wrote a poem about the war and homefront contributions. He mentions working and buying victory bonds. I have attached a scanned copy of the poem.

    Anything you could do to help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much

    Lindsey Ellett

  10. Margie

    I inherited a Craftline Industries grandfather clock and am trying to get info about the company.The clock is from 1975.
    I haven’t been able to find anything on the web. Are they under another name now?
    Are they still in Weston?
    Any info, history you can provide would be appreciated.


  11. tanya

    Looking for my Dad. His name was Gary and he used to be a postal worker on Weston road back in the early/mid 70’s. Anyone remember some with that name as a postal workerm

  12. Martin Proctor

    Just dropping you a line to let everyone know that the Weston Historical Society has stepped up its presence on Facebook. As well as providing information on upcoming meetings, we are now uploading some of our archival photos of Weston. We also so far have one video compilation of images of Weston’s old streetcars, done to the tune of ‘the cling-clang blues’ which was originally sung for the retirement of the old Weston Road streetcars in September 1948.
    We are hoping to fire up more interest in Weston, and we are also encouraging anyone who has old photos, movies, memorabilia, or memories of their own pertaining to Weston to feel free to upload them to our Facebook site. “History kept hidden is history lost” so lets try to keep Weston’s past alive and not just become a fading memory.

  13. Amina Zaidi

    I would like to request a change in name for one of the Dental offices you have listed in your Business Directory.

    Dr Muna Elsadiq has sold the practice and the new name of the Dental Office is Mosaic Dental. The tel # is 416 243 6444.

    We are happy to be a part of the Weston Village family and look forward to serving the beautiful Weston Community.

    We would like to announce ourselves to the Community with a small give-away event at the corner of Weston and Lawrence and would like to know who we need to contact to arrange and get permission for this. we would deeply appreciate your assistance in this matter.

    Thank you and we hope to create and sustain long term rewarding relationships all the businesses around us.


    Amina Zaidi RRDH
    Office Coordinator/ Restorative Dental Hygienist
    “Come Share Your Smile With Us”
    Mosaic Dental Clinic
    203-2100 Lawrence Ave W
    Toronto, Ont, M9N 3W3
    Tel: 416 243 6444

  14. Eva Ferguson

    Please post the following in community event:

    Wed. June 6, 2012 – 7:30 pm
    at Westminster United Church, 69 William Street, Weston, Ontario

    Guest Speaker: Dr. Carl Benn
    Topic: The War of 1812
    Hosted by the Weston Historical Society

  15. Amina

    Hi there,

    Just wondering if there was a telephone directory for all the business in just the Weston Village area.

    I was hoping to get a printable list or hard copy directory.

    Appreciate your help


    Amina Zaidi RRDH
    Mosaic Dental
    416 243 6444

  16. welcome Post author

    there is no printed list that I am aware of, but you can go to Weston BIA, that lists many of the businesses along Weston Rd.

  17. Judy Fricker


    Our multi-service agency, “North York Community House” offers programs and support for community residents and newcomers to Canada. We are looking for program space in the Weston Road/Lawrence or Jane/Lawrence area. I was wondering if there is a business running in the space at Weston Road and Fern Avenue…there used to be an Immigration social service agency there. Or is there any other available rental space, kitchen included for our Community Kitchen programs (ideally storefront) that you know of?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    (LIfe Skills and Job Development Coordinator)

  18. jim hope

    I am a contractor who resided in Toronto(North York) some 20 years ago. I renovated an old house in weston who I understand it to be a Doctors place of practice back in the early 1900’s
    During this renovation I found some documents dated 1923, some from the town of weston and a train schedule. I have kept these in hopes of getting them to someone who might like to display them. Now that they came to light by finding them again, I was wondering if they are of interest to the historical commitee of Weston. My construction is Historical restoration, and I currently reside in Orangeville.
    Jim Hope

  19. Kathleen Krisciunas

    Hi there…

    I found a flyer advertising your historical society from Wed Feb 6th, 2002 and the subject was the basis of a book called “When Milk Came in Bottles”. The speaker was by the co-author of the book, Bob Marchant. Would you happen to have any contact information for him? It’s not the most exotic name in the world and I am having a little trouble trying to track him down. I would love to have him as a speaker for an event. If you can help, that would be great! Thanks so much!


  20. gary jefferson

    Just wondering if anyone would have any information on some one I once knew, Colleen Carr, who lived in the 50’s and 60’s at Weston Road and Jane Street, just off of Buttonwood Avenue, I think it was called Birch Avenue.

    Thanking You,
    Gary Jefferson.

  21. Shannon Thunderbird

    I am First Nations Elder-in-Residence at Bala Community School (6 Bala Avenue, Weston). 2013 will be their 100th anniversary and big celebrations are underway to celebrate this momentous occasion. Plus, we will be building a First Nations medicine wheel on school property in June, 2013 which will culminate in the School’s second annual Medicine Wheel Many Hands for Peace Powwow, to which the Weston community is invited. Our first powwow this past June was a resounding success with members of the Toronto Police Services Mounted Unit leading the grand entry. We are actively fundraising for the medicine wheel project, anyone who is intertested in volunteering to help clear the sight or to contribute to the fund should contact either myself or Bala.

  22. Wayne Westlake

    I was born August 25, 1947 in the small Weston Maternity Hospital. I have no idea where it was located and no idea how long the hospital existed. Family who were there at the time have since passed away My father John Westlake lived on Cliff St and was the brother of Albert, Thomas and George Westlake who were killed in WW2. My mother was Margaret Hay daughter of John Hay and Elizabeth Stuart who lived at Jane and Dundas.

    Any information you can supply would be greatly appreciated

  23. Elaine

    I live at 224 Rosemount Avenue and we are desperately in need of a parking spot for a well maintained, fully insured and licenced vehicle belonging to a retired Italian gent. If you can help we can pay $60.00 a month (negotiable) need it now through to the end of March when he will be moving up north. Thank you

  24. debby mcbride

    does anyone know how much it costs to rent a table at the weston farmer’s market? and who to contact? thank you….peace and love from debby

  25. Betty Kovac

    Hi I have a home along the rail corridor on Church St. I am having issues with my walls cracking and separating, grout coming up from my tiles and an increase in the noise level, inside and out, since the train has been relocated. Does any one else have issues?


  26. roy toyama

    I would like the location of the farmers market since it has moved from John Street

  27. Lyn

    I have been viewing the Weston Historical website for the first time, after speaking to Martin (I believe I have his name correct) at his suggestion.

    Some of the posts from local residents are requesting interesting information regarding the history of Weston. I am certain you have answered their questions personally, to the best of your knowledge, but now you leave me wondering as to the answers provided. I might suggest that your response also be shown here for the rest of your viewers.


  28. Savina

    I just bought a lovely home in Weston Village…and recently learned of Movie Night in The Little Park for children.
    It would be great if sometimes there were adult movies, action or thrillers or drama…..
    Is this possible….?

  29. Kathy Cross

    I was born in the Town of Weston in 1954, the same year as Hurricane Hazel. Humber Memorial Hospital is where I first made my appearance to the world. My birth certicate still reads, Place of Birth: Town of Weston.

  30. David Dennison

    I was born in a maternity hospital directly across the road from Ward’s Funeral Home in 1944. I believe it now functions as a Masonic Lodge. I have asked my family to bury me from Ward’s so that they can say at my wake that it took me a lifetime just to cross the road. BTW, the boundaries of the town of Weston were; St. John’s Road/railroad tracks, Humber River, Oak St./Robert St., and Jane St., to the best of my recollection.

  31. Don P

    Many years ago (prior to Black Creek Dr being built), as kids, we used to venture down to the ‘creek’ to hang out. One of the ‘attractions’ of the creek was an old (abandoned) home we referred to as Old Lady Eaton’s house. Anyone living in the area at the time (40-45 years ago) knows what I’m talking about. My older brother tells me that it was once a cottage of sorts for one of the Eaton family daughters. Based on the name of the street that runs through there now (Martha Eaton Way), there must be some truth in that. The house was abandoned many years before my friends or I stumbled upon it so I’m guessing it must have been built somewhere pre-WW2 or earlier.
    > The problem is, I am having no luck in finding any info on this property. I’ve Googled it and searched through the links but nothing stands out. Is it possible that someone has some info on this? Or, perhaps point me in the right direction? It would be greatly appreciated. I’m researching a novel and any info would help.

    I will monitor this site to see if there’s a response.

    Don P

  32. Lynne Reeves Laframboise

    Does anyone have info re Maplehurst, once a maternity hospital I believe? It was located at John Street and Rosemount Av and has been a bit of a seedy apartment building for a while.

  33. Greg Forrest

    Hello, I am hoping to locate a child hood friend we lived in a new high rise building built in 1972 at 5 Bellview Cresant in Weston Ontario.
    We were neighbors living on the 17th floor

    His name was Mark Rattie.

    I have checked Facebook and other sources but cannot locate anything from this era 1972 to 1984 anywhere online he went to a catholic school in Weston. If anyone out there can offer me any help on how to locate this person or know this person, please feel free to contact me at

    [email protected] Att Greg all info most appreciated Cheers

  34. Cheryl Hawkes

    Hello. I lived at 7 Birch Avenue in what was then known as Mount Dennis as a child in the early 1950s I cannot find that street on any city map now. Has it been renamed? Who could I contact for this information? thanks!

  35. MaryJo

    Hi everyone!
    I am wondering about the status of the Farmers Market this year (2015). Driving by recently, the lot where it usually takes place does not look like it is ready to host the market.
    Can anyone give an update on when the market will commence? And will the location be ready??
    Looking forward to the market!! Thanks!

  36. Al Farrington

    I find it interesting that the York-Etobicoke community, profiled by the
    Weston Village Historical Society posts numerous statistics on everything but household income, a figure I think most residents would be fascinated to learn especially if it were juxtaposed against the same matrix of 30-40 years earlier. I think it would tell an interesting story to all our newcomers. It might beg the question where have all the local, provincial and federal politicians been while this 50-year slide has taken place? Can any of them illustrate one piece of legacy legislation, from any of these levels of government that still keeps on giving for the benefit of all current residents? Why are we still erecting 39 story residential developments in Weston, with no employment opportunities integral to these projects to the benefit of all the folks that will take up residence there? Is this shortsighted or what? No wonder we’re sliding into oblivion here. Is the Weston Historical Society an official supporter of this kind of development?

  37. Michelle Ma

    Dear staff,

    My name is Michelle Ma, currently doing Master of Landscape Architecture program at University of Toronto.

    I’m conducting my thesis research based on Weston and its associated historical heritage. I wonder if you could help with providing sources/directions on obtaining historical demographic information-ethnic groups as time moves forward since 1881 as Village of Weston, because my focus is on collective memory and its transformation. I tried searching but could only find the 2016 Census.

    Please let me know and I really appreciate your time and effort!

    Many thanks,


  38. welcome Post author

    Hi Michelle,
    Not sure if we met already this week – someone was looking for information on our Humberstone walls. The best way to contact our Historical Society is through the website: Our current President and Past-President would be able to help or point you in the right direction. They might take a few days to return the email as they are preparing for a presentation this week.

    Please don’t hesitate to call if you need more information: 416-241-5801. That is my day number (I own a business here as well as being on the WVRA).

    WVRA Communications Director

  39. Elizabeth J Holloway

    Both me and my brother were born at the Humber Memorial Hospital, located at 200 Church Street, northwest of Jane Street and Lawrence Avenue West, in Weston Village. This was our local hospital back in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Years later, the hospital, along with Northwestern General Hospital (in the Keelesdale area) and the York-Finch General Hospital (near Jane&Finch), formed the Humber River Regional Hospital.

    Now back to Weston. Our family made regular shopping trips to Weston. On the main drag, which is Weston Road, there was a Loblaws supermarket and next door a Kresge’s department store, nowadays a vacant space after the latter was demolished. Located across the street was a Burger King, selling burgers and other refreshments.

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