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Stay Informed about Metrolinx Expansion!

Not sure what is going on with the Georgetown Expansion of the GO Train expansion from Union Station to Georgetown and the Airport?  Why not check out the following sites that help you stay connected with what is going on.

The first site is a blog called “Railroaded by Metrolinx,” by Elizabeth Littlejohn.

The second site is the Clean Train Coalition, headed by Mike Sullivan.

Your City, My City. Join the Discussion. Have Your Say!

Taken from the Toronto Star, Saturday, March 6, 2010:

“Do you want a better Toronto?  If so, this is your call to arms.  The Star has recruited 30 bloggers to ignite a debate ahead of election day, Oct. 25, about how to make the city great.  If you don’t like what you see, then apply to join the team.  Opine.  Report.  Send us a video.  Argue your case.  The conversation starts now.”

Welcome to Weston Village

Welcome to Weston Village’s online resource for connecting people of Weston and the world with the past, present and future of our beautiful community.  On this site, you will find information linking you to our rich and vibrant history, from the founding of Weston, to today’s most important issues facing our community.  You will also find a directory of various local businesses and services provided in our area, a discussion forum to allow people the opportunity to voice important issues within our community, pose questions, post events and so much more.  In addition, there is a FREE online classified, links to the Weston Farmer’s Market, The Weston Historical Society, the Weston BIA, Weston Community Coalition, and so much more!

This is YOUR website and your forum so please, send any comments, suggestions, questions or requests to add content to