Meeting April 8 – John St. Redevelopment

The Weston Village Resident’s Association is pleased to announce that there is a significant update on the John St./Artscape development at the site of the TPA parking site at John and Weston. Please plan to attend a public meeting hosted by Councillor Nunziata’s office on April 8th at 7pm at 1901Weston Road (please see attached poster for more details).

John Street TPA - April 8 2015

City of Toronto Chief planner Jennifer Keesmat (you may recall that she was the guest speaker at last year’s WVRA Annual General Meeting) will be in attendance to provide information about the project.
This is an opportune time to update you on many of the projects currently underway in Weston that together amount to the revitalization of Weston that so many residents have wanted to see for a long time. It’s happening; things are heating up in Weston. Come out on the 8th, and learn more and chat with your neighbours.
The John St./Atscape project will include new residential space that will support both the new crucial Weston Go Station as well as the new UP Express Station. Via Rail has also announced a stop at Weston. Making our community a centre of connectivity is a privileged and critical feature for balanced, healthy development.
Projects of note contributing to the renewal of Weston:
  • Artscape Cultural Hub Farmers’ Market and new residential space
  • New Weston Go Station
  • New UP Express Station
  • New St. John the Evangelist Elementary School
  • New Medical Centre (site of old Weston Postal Station)
  • New Cafe, Perfect Blend Bakery and Espresso Bar (1971 Weston Rd.) …across the street from Squibb’s
  • P&M Restaurant (at the site of the old Central Station Restaurant). Same owners as Perfect Blend. If Perfect Blend is an indicator of what to expect from the restaurant…this should be good (projected opening in May 2015).
At this time of renewal, let’s not forget to recognize the existing businesses who have been in Weston for a long time and chose to stay to serve the community.