History of Weston

St. John's Anglican Church

St. John’s Anglican Church (est. 1856)

Weston was founded in 1796 shortly after Lt-Governor Simcoe sent his surveyors to the area north of Lake Ontario along the Humber River in 1792.  One of his surveyors, John Countryman, saw the potential of the area, settled here and built a sawmill along the banks.  The village grew on both sides of the river but a disastrous flood in 1850 destroyed the west bank of the river.  The east side continued to prosper and with the advent of rail travel in 1856 with the Grand Trunk Railway and a stop in Weston, the village continued to prosper and grow.  The next 100 years saw significant growth, with many industries flourishing including the CCM plant, Moffat Stoves, and the Kodak factory. It had its own school system, police/fire services and Mayor/Reeve. In 1914, a grant from the Carnegie Foundation in New York allowed the community to build a beautiful library which still stands today and is currently celebrating it’s centenary year.  Our Humberstone walls are unique and very desirable!

Weston was incorporated in 1881 as a town and remained so until 1967 when it was amalgamated into the City of York. Weston continued to be a hub of activity and commerce until the late 1980’s until economic forces took their toll.  With the new rail services and new interest in the area, Weston is considered ‘untapped’ by today’s real estate community.


The following articles were written by Cherri Hurst of the Weston Historical Society and reprinted by courtesy of the Guardian newspaper:

Historical Associations

Historical Plaques

Weston’s rich history is illuminated by historical plaques scattered through the neighbourhood.

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  1. Sharon Vescio

    Dear Sirs: I was wondering if you could help me. My father E. Lloyd Luckett used to work at CCM for many years. I have recently come accross a number of books on parts from CCM. Would you know if there is any one interested in this books or a suggestion as to what to do with them. Somebody, I am sure would like to see them. I am willing to drop them off to the interested party. Any help that you can give me would be appreciated. I thank you in advance for your assistance.
    My telephone number is 905-456-2186.

    Sharon Vescio

  2. Raymond Heslop

    Hi, I worked in Parts & Accessories during the ’60s when Lloyd was there. Great guy! In 2011 a book was published called the CCM Story (author John McKenty from Perth Ont. Present at the book launch were Gord & Alice Chard formerly of CCM and still resident in Weston, as well as former CCM President Tom Nease. I’m sure either of those, might be interested. I have no contact info., but the Chards are in the Weston area. Author John could be contacted through Epic Press the publisher of his book.

  3. Jim Stymeist

    I am looking for information on a eagle that sat in my uncle’s backyard, William Moore. It was apparently from the Weston Hotel and I am looking to find out what happened to it. There is some big history behind it and I would like to know more. Also if any pictures of it exist I would greatly appreciate any. I might have some somewhere in a couple of old cardboard boxes amongst my Summerhayes Family stuff.

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