WVRA Community Survey

We are always looking to get feedback from the Weston ‘hive’ and take those comments/opinions/ideas to help us work towards finding out what kinds of things you’d like to see happen in the community. Whether it’s a new event, something that needs fixing or addressing that we can help with, or even to say ‘good job’ for the work we have done already – we are looking to YOU!

We recently posted a survey online regarding all the new developments coming to Weston and how we can engage the developers regarding ‘Community Benefits’ formerly called Section 37 Monies. People answered our curated questions which were scored and we invited people to share their ideas that we might not have thought of. Below is the chart of all the ideas that had 30% or more in support from the survey. The top 4 ideas, with over 80% in positive replies, are the focus now of our next steps.

Below is the thank you from our Executive regarding YOUR participation in helping us refine the ‘asks’ when meeting with the developers to maximize the outcome.

Thank you!

Thank you for participating in the ‘Community Benefits Survey’ conducted by the Weston Village Residents’ Association (WVRA).

Over 225 residents responded. Everyone’s participation, comments and ideas are appreciated and thoughtfully considered. 

The process of acquiring funding for Community Benefits is a new one, involves many stakeholders, and is likely to be lengthy. This is just the beginning.  We want to help keep you informed. So, if and when there is news to share we will post it on:

– the WVRA Facebook page, please like and follow us:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100091035401117

Join us!

The WVRA is a volunteer organization.  And our Mission is to encourage the generosity and talents of neighbours to foster a diverse, inclusive, and vibrant Weston for all.

Just a reminder… if you would like to be involved, have suggestions or comments, please reach out to us at: [email protected]

Kind regards,

Tom Costantino – Chair, WVRA

Dave Bennett – Immediate Past Chair, Executive Board