The Weston Village Residents’ Association (WVRA) was founded by 2008 by like-minded neighbours who wanted to bring the community – residents and the various groups – together to have a voice on issues affecting Weston Village. All residents, whether homeowners or renters, are invited to join the WVRA as members. Please send us an email and we can forward our registration form to you. Email us at:

WVRA Executive

Dave Bennett, Chair
Tom Costantino, Vice-Chair
Bill Taylor, Corporate Secretary
Adrienne McKenzie, Treasurer
Suri Weinberg-Linsky, Director of Communications
Luisa Bada, Director
Trevor Comer, Director
Patricia Videla, Director

WVRA Steering Committee

Joanne Acri
Gillian Adams
Melissa Ammendolia
Sheila Azevedo
Jamie Cameron
Julianne Cooke
Jason Doolan
Ryan Demchuk
John Frogley-Rawson
Cherri Hurst
Peter Kalamaris
Ganesh Khanna
Laurie Anne Mace
Melissa McEnroe
Daniel Torti
Amy Wong