Community Consultation Meeting – Oct 7, 2015

Wednesday, Oct 7, 2015
7 pm
Auditorium of Weston CI (100 Pine St.)

A Community Consultation Meeting to further update the community on the plans for the redevelopment on John Street and the Weston Community Cultural Hub. In addition to the Applicant, representatives from City Planning will be in attendance to answer questions and obtain your feedback on the proposal, which will be included in their final report to Etobicoke York Community Council later this year. In summary, the proposal includes a 30-storey, 370-unit rental apartment building, 7 at-grade townhouses, and 12,400 sq ft of outdoor community open space at 22 John Street (for the Weston Farmers Market and outdoor public space). A new Toronto Parking Authority lot will be created on the vacant land west of the existing lot. Vacant space at 33 King Street and 2 Elsmere Avenue will be converted into a 8,600 sq ft Community Cultural Hub with 26 affordable live/work artist units, all operated by Artscape. The remaining vacant ground floor space at 33 King Street is proposed to be converted to a self-storage facility, in part to satisfy the storage needs of the artists as well as the proposed apartment building.

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